1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide

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  • Tape a picture of your skinny self to the refrigerator for inspiration. Remind yourself what you can look like.
  • Tape a picture of your fat self to the refrigerator for motivation. Remind yourself what you don’t want to look like.
  • Limit head-on visions. Do a “Miss America,” and stand at an angle that presents a three-quarter body profile.
  • Don’t keep up with the Joneses. Take one bite of food for every two your dining companion takes.
  • “Boost” your sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, cucumber slices, bell peppers, and other fresh veggies. Along with the bigger crunch, you’ll get a bigger sandwich with few additional calories and no extra fat.
  • Take a shower or bath when a food craving strikes. It will relax you, and keep your whole body occupied and out of trouble (i.e., the kitchen) until the craving fades.
  • Phone a talkative friend when a food craving strikes. Call from a corded phone outside the kitchen, and stay on until the craving fades.
  • Brush your teeth, floss, gargle, or chew a stick of gum immediately after your meal to stop yourself from eating more.
  • Stand near fatter people. They make you look thinner.
  • To add length to round faces, part hair on the side, in a silky straight down do, or in an upsweep. Keep bangs on the wispy side, if you wear them, to avoid a face-broadening horizontal line.
  • Smash your trash. When you throw food away, thoroughly bury it under more trash so there will be absolutely no question of changing your mind. No need to explain.
  • Computer-enhance a photo of yourself to see how great you’ll look when you’re slim. Never mind liposuction: Today’s computer technology lets you delete double chins and narrow your waistline with the touch of a keystroke. Print out a copy and keep it in your purse.
  • Chew sugarless gum while you prepare meals. It’ll keep you from tasting (eating) that extra serving’s worth.
  • Cross your legs at your ankles. Your thighs and calves will look slimmer.
  • Drink a tall glass of water before every meal. It’s a healthy way to quench your hunger.
  • Get a tan. A tan helps you look thinner
  • Work for your snacks. Before you eat a high-calorie snack, clean the bathroom or vacuum the house. Don’t eat until the faucets and sink are gleaming.
  • Have your teeth cleaned professionally and whitened. You won’t want to sully that gorgeous mouth with “bad” food.
  • Give yourself a manicure when a craving strikes, applying extra layers of slow-drying nail polish. It will keep your hands occupied and out of trouble until the craving fades.