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..... also, you may want to try the diet tips and health advice that we have listed in our weight related and health resource section. Here you'll find the sites from across the web that we think you'll find the most useful, motivational and interesting in your journey to a healthier weight and life.

Know why you want to lose weight

You may think just shedding those extra pounds would be satisfying. Of course it would be nice to fit into smaller clothes and be able to run without getting out of breath.

But if you want to lose weight for the wrong reasons, like many others before you, there's a good chance that either your diet will fail or that you will put weight back on after your diet is over.

3 Good reasons for wanting to lose weight

  • To get fit
  • To avoid health problems
  • To improve your self confidence

See the difference? If you want to lose weight for you, you are much more likely to be pleased with the results! Understand your motivation, then use our free diet tips to help maintain your motivation


3 Bad reasons for wanting to lose weight:

  • To make a bad relationship good
  • To make someone proud of you
  • To make someone like you