1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide

Weight Chart & Body Fat Calculator Section

Weight Chart look ups & Body fat calculator results are the simplest way to identify your ideal weight & body fat percentage.

There are many ways to decide if you are too fat. You can look in the mirror, listen to friends, use a bathroom scale, tape measure or an old outfit from your ideal weight era.

But the most accurate way is to to check using accurate calculations. Try our body fat calculator or our bmi calculator to see if your perception of your body fat is right.

Body fat calculator methods & at a glance weight chart showing ideal healthy weight for men & women

Other Body Fat Measures

Here are some other tests that measure body fat. Sorry, you're on your own for these–no whizzy automatic calculators included.

Body Fat Pinch Test

Calipers are used to measure & average folds of skin & fat in places on the body. It's not a precise method - you do need to be very very accurate, you can either go to a professional at a gym, or try it yourself by following our instructions & using our body fat percentage calculator

Bioelectrical Impedence Test

Electrodes are attached to your hand & foot, a radio-frequency pulse is run through your body to measure water content. That provides a guide to body fat with an error of 2 or 2 1/2%. But anything that affects your hydration, such as exercise or drink before the test can impact results.

Immersion Test

So far the very best way of measuring of body-fat is the immersion test, in which you're (as the name suggests) immersed into a pool. It' error rate is just 1 percentage point.

Available at hospitals and a few gyms, but it's very tiring and can last upto 60 minutes

Bod Pod

A next generation body fat measuring tool that is precise and painless. You step into a pod, sit for 20 seconds, and that's it. Air displacement, which can be converted to relative fat when weight is factored in is measured.

Early tests show it's equal to immersion.
Found at only a few hospitals and physicians offices, but it's quick and easy