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Your body shape can affect not only your weight and dress size, but your health too. Have you ever heard people talk about the apple shape? The reference to an apple shape is used when someone tends to carry too much or a disproportionate amount of fat and weight around theirr middle. Having an apple body shape increases your risk of both heart disease and diabetes.

Likewise, you've probably heard of the pear shape. This refers to people who carry a high proportion of fat and weight around their hips. An apple shaped body faces greater health risks than a pear shape, even if they are both overweight by the same amount.

Check out your Body Shape

To get a clearer picture of your overall health risk, check out your body shape. You can do this by plotting the size of your waist against your height on the Ashwell® shape chart below.

Do remember though that muscle weighs heavier than fat, so if you've been working out, you may find show up as overweight on the body mass index calculator (and the height/weight chart), when actually you could have a healthy body shape and very little fat. This chart will help you to find this out.

Check where your height/waist measurement falls:

brown 'Take care' area

If you fall into the brown area then you're a tall thin 'chilli' kind of shape.

This isn't the most healthy shape to be so you need to take care and be aware that you may be under weight.

green 'OK' area

A pear shape may not be your favorite shape, but it is a healthy shape.

With this kind of body shape,  extra fat is stored  round the butt, hips and thighs, which is healthier than having an apple shape.

amber 'Take care' area

The yellow area means you've a  'pear-apple' shape, this means you watch your weight.

Because you're bordering on an apple body shape, try not to put on any more weight, especially if your measurements come near the upper end of the yellow area. You may feel healthier if you lose a little weight.



red 'Action' area

Oh dear, you're an 'apple' shape. With this body shape excess fat is stored deep below the skin in the stomach area, which increases your risk of serious illnesses eg heart disease, raised blood pressure, Type II diabetes and some types of cancer. Your health is likely to be at risk so talk to your Doctor about losing weight.