1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide

1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide

Weight Loss ads are all around us, but just because we think we're too fat, doesn't always mean we are.  Our aim is to help you find out if you're too fat & commit to your weight loss goals.

too fat

Do U really need to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss messages are everywhere. Messages that make us feel too fat.

  • Magazines tell you how to lose weight
  • Weight Loss Videos show how to burn fat
  • Leading ladies are always skin & bone
  • Models are often 5ft 11" & weigh 98lbs !
  • Some shops only stock small (tiny) sizes.
  • TV programs talk about an impossible size zero.
  • Hot Topics of conversation are often all about slimming
  • Airbrushed pics of thin celebs make our aims unrealistic
  • Food is calorie counted & even has warnings for fat content
  • We all know someone thinner than us !

So you must be too fat right?


Optimum healthy weight is based on what's good for you. Everyone's different. Ranging between: Tall, Short, Tiny delicate frames and Wide rangy frames.

Let's get something straight here & now. If a skeleton's hips measure 36", they'll never measure below 37". Fat has got nothing to do with it so Weight loss programs & Diets are irrelevant.

Use our free unbiased 4 step weight loss guide to find out if you need to lose weight & how to achieve weight loss goals

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